Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kyle's First Post and Wisdom

So, you probably wondering when Mr. Ganzer was going to be kind enough to create a post. Well, the time is now. We have had a great time getting settled here in Roseville, with our apartment and of course the start our working life. Work is always special when you get to do what you have always wanted to do. I think we are really lucky to find firms that would give a couple of midwesterners a chance. Times have been tough in the home building market, and it has affected my work directly. After some reorganization, I have been named the Environmental Engineer to go along with being a production manager. I'm excited to learn new things and hope even more work finds me. But, you probably don't want to here about work, so lets talk about more important things.

As you may know, Arnie, our puppy will be joining the family at end of October. We are way excited to meet the little fella. We have already started to spoil him, so hopefully we will stop when he arrives, um I think not. But really we have been super busy. Our adventures have taken us to beautiful places where have made some memories and learned alot about eachother. You would think by now, being hip to hip we would know everything about our selves and eachother. It has been good. Weekend fun is endless. A great escape, when work can get too busy. 

Looks like the Cards aren't going to make the playoffs, and our Cyclones can't be seen on tv. So who do we root for on Sunday, thats right Dale Jr. Anybody who has checked out the blog knows we have gone to a race, and we are hooked, well I'm for sure hooked. Besides the races we do some bike riding on the weekends. In June we bought new bicycles from REI, and we enjoy tearing up the Roseville streets. In addition to our riding adventures, we play Arena Softball on Sunday afternoons. Check out the blog about it, I'm sure Stephanie will fill you in on some of the rules and how it is played.

Hope everyone is well and in good health. We would love to hear from you via blogging, email or a short phone call. We are getting excited to be back with friends and family over the Holidays later this year. Talk to you soon.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Yorkie-Poo ARNIE!

Since I have been little I have wanted a dog, and well I have never really had the time or the patience but now the time has come. Kyle and I decided to get a Yorki-poo puppy, it will be coming to us at the end of October. These pictures are of the puppies when they were only 3 days old, so at this point they only really look like rats, but believe me this puppy is going to be the cutest.  The pictures of previous litters have been adorable, they have the coat of a poodle and the cute face of the Yorkie. This specific breeder has a wonderfully rare red coat turnout. It is a combo of a 4 pound AKC Yorkie and beautiful 6 pound toy AKC poodle. The breeder that we are using, has been wonderful about telling us more about this fun little breed. We decided on a male, and we are going to name it ARNIE, we are super excited. I hope to have more pictures soon. We are planning on bringing him home for Christmas so be ready for his cuteness.

Boy Puppy one, and two, we haven't decided on which one yet.

I feel like a huge nerd but I have been reading oodles on puppies and puppy training, it should be interesting

Laborless Day Weekend.

So this weekend, alot happened so I think that I am just going to write some captions for the pictures. In this case the pictures just really speak for themselves, so absorb it.

Some beautiful rock on the coast, Gotta love the Iowa State outfit.

More beautiful rocks on the coast, and Kyle is showing off.

A sweet picture as we chill on the coast

Here is our campsite in the heart of the redwoods, we love camping

The lovely bear box where we had to put our stuff in every night

The beach where we had our cook out, we had a great time just chilling out

peace, love, and the beach

The waves crashing on the rocks, the sounds were so loud, some of the waves were the biggest I have ever seen

A model pic, I love this one, all natural

This one is maybe a bit more natural, he likes talking to oysters but they never talk back

A beautiful dead tree

I thought the texture was so interesting

Holy cow that is a tree

yep that is a tree

A fun grilling picture, we enjoyed some burgers by the water

A minute after this picture, I got completely drenched by a wave, real smooth

These elk were so pretty, but for some reason all the signs saying "Do not approach elk on foot" did not to apply to certain people because parents were letting their young kids walk about 5 yrds away from them. At one point a truck thought it would be funny to approach them really close and rev their engine. After that a big stud elk came charging after the car as  people  a few yards away stood laughing. People don't understand that animals can be more of a danger than they realize. People can be so DUMB, and don't realize they could be endangering the lives of animals themselves. 

I thought this was a really neat picture, when I was taking it I didn't realize that there was people standing in front of it. With the child and the father standing in front of it you can better understand the scale of the trees.  They were gentle giants. I got a crick in my neck from starring at them.

loving the tree

A turtle pic

Turtle pic #2, oh and my new hiking sandals

On the Sun Dial bridge, in Redding

The beautiful architecture, of the Sun Dial Bridge

My new Sushi love

So my co-worker Cassandra introduced me to sushi and now I am hooked. I have to take Kyle because he still hasn't had it. mmmm..sushi


Plate to Plate..on the Bay

Plate to Plate was an adventure, Kyle heard from a guy at work that they were having a walk for Medical research, and we wanted to jump on board.  We were on Marks team, so we had to report to a team captain but all together the race was pretty laid back.  The race took place on the bay near the wharf.  We started across the bridge then traveled down the wharf and the goal was to finish up crossing over home plate at AT&T Park, the home of the Giants.  It was pretty fun, Kyle barely finished but he did it...ha ha j/k. It was a good time. After the walk we did a tailgate in the parking garage, and then headed off to A Giants vs. Padres game. What a rewarding day, in more ways than one. Oh and it was a really hot day too. 

The park from the top, you could see the boats on the water

Finishing up the race a really quick snapshot

Starting to get warm..

I am thirsty, wants some Coke>

Before the race, what an early morning

me racing, ha ha

People looking at themselves on the screen

A day with San, San Fran..

Let me just start with, I love San Fran. I would love to live there for like 2 months and just explore but I guess some weekend visits will work, just the same. Kyle and I had a chance to get involved with a 3K run/ walk for medical research. So we decided to make a weekend of it. Since this was Kyle's idea he decided to plan a really great weekend for us. He has just become the little planner of late, I definitely don't mind. On Saturday after we took care checking into our hotel, Hotel Whitcomb we walked down Market Street.  Our hotel was old school, definitely San Fran style.

I think that San Fran is so beautiful because it has so many wonderfully diverse people. I love people watching, and checking out the unique styles of everyone that passes.  We had a chance to walk around in a little dog park.  Its funny walking  through a big city park. One little patch of green and they call it a park, but the majority of the park was cement. Poor city dogs..ha ha. After wandering the city we decided to eat at the Hotel.  It was a completely different atmosphere at night, they had beautiful chandeliers and a large banquet fireplace. We both had the clam chowder and it was delicious! 

After dining we walked to a local piano bar.  It was my first time at a bar like that, Kyle had been there before and he absolutely loved it so it looked one up for us.  It was a a few blocks away, in a basement below a irish bar. It was a riot! Three musicians battled it out, and played some duets.  They played some oldies and some new stuff but the guys were so funny, they were very talented. The bar was packed, and rightly so!


Kyle liked this one

Hotel Whitcomb interior

Hotel Whitcomb entrance

At the piano bar

Some fun on Market Street

Some Street art

I love these houses, you have to have a compact car to fit in those garages

The park, cement park

Cool wall art, and Kyle too

Bored in the car ride, gotta love city traffic

Here is the front of the Hotel, very sweet

Market Street

What a stud