Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our New Place

We finally have all of our stuff into our new place, we really like it so far. We still need to do some finishing touches but we are almost done. Enjoy!

Our designer living room :)

The "man cave" basement, its actually very rare out here to have basements. Kyle and I are convinced it is haunted because nosey Arnie will not set foot down there.

The side yard, we love the grown up foliage, and the nieghbors palm trees.

We don't really know what this room is for, its used as the laundry room now.

Another view of the living room

And again, we love that it has so much natural light.

The misc. room (extra bedroom, office, sewing/craft room)

The hallway, you can see all our doors, we counted, we have 15doors.

Humm, what is this?


Kitchen, got to love the old school feel

Dining Room


The otherside of the yard

Garage, and side yard

The front yard

There is the rental, oh and the house

We love this tree/bush because it just started blooming, and the flowers are so neat!

Seen on COPS, well, not really.

Drug suspects flee through backyards of west Roseville neighborhood
By Nathan Donato-Weinstein
(as seen on

Two teens tried to escape through several west Roseville backyards Friday after an attempted drug deal in a Walgreen’s parking lot went bad.

Police say the incident began around 6:41 p.m. at the Walgreens on the corner of Foothills and Junction boulevards, where detectives spotted a suspected drug deal occur involving a white Lincoln sedan.

When officers approached, the driver accelerated toward the officers, causing one to dive out of the way and receive minor injuries.

The suspect rammed a bystander’s car before fleeing the scene. Police say the driver sped through a nearby neighborhood, then ditched the car on Springfield Drive near Sawtell Road, fleeing on foot and running through residents’ backyards.

After a manhunt involving a helicopter search and strong police presence, cops nabbed the driver – a 17-year-old male from Sacramento, and arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder. His passenger, a 16-year-old male from Rio Linda, was found in a Kingswood Drive backyard and arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and possession of ecstasy for sale.

Two suspects arrested in the Walgreen’s parking lot were Timothy Alan Scanlon, 18, of Sacramento and Cody Alen Youngblood, 18, of Roseville. Youngblood was also charged with resisting or obstructing officers.

Officers recovered a large number of ecstasy pills at the scene, Police Spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said.

She added the Citrus Heights Police Department and a CHP helicopter assisted in the search for the suspects.


My account of the event....

So it was a typical Friday evening, or so I thought. Kyle had promised some of the guys at work Panda Express in exchange for them helping us move on Sat. So since I am such a nice person :) I got every one's order and headed off to Panda Express. Finally, after much waiting in the drive-up lane, and them getting my order wrong, I headed out of the parking lot. I was sitting at the parking lot stop sign waiting to get back on the main road. As I was sitting there a marked cop car (without his lights on) came flying into the Walgreen's parking lot in front of me, sqweeling his tires. I was a bit annoyed with is unsafe acts, but heck, they are the police they can do what ever they want right?

So after he turned in I had clearance to turn myself, and as I am making the turn (this all happens in slow motion in front of me) a white Lincoln swerves around the cop and pauses (because he sees me mid-turn) BUT then decides/think its me going to jail or its this chicks car. So he guns it and hits me hard on the rear passenger side of my car, causing my car to spin around, he then proceeded to reverse, hit me, reverse, hit me. I don't know if he was just having issues getting around me or if he was trying to use me as a barricade against the cops. He then fled the scene.

As I sat there in shock trying to wrap my head around what just happened, people came running towards me from the surrounding parking lots. Yelling, "Oh my gosh, are you okay? Are you okay?" The only thing I could think of was "What? What the hell? How is my car?"
While shaking uncontrollably I pulled the car to a safe place, and then I found out the real story on this crazy driving teen. It wasn't just a case of a kid, and bad driving. It was bad driving, plus drugs, plus a cop chase. It was definitely a situation of " Wong place, wrong time." After having CSI came to take pictures of my car as I watched the helicopters flying around over head, I realized I wasn't "In Kansas anymore, okay Iowa" I saw them arresting the other culprits.

I feel sorry for those kids because the charge of assault with a deadly weapon, drug charges, ect. will effect them for the rest of there lives. I mean, I am mad that it happened, and I am mad that those kids thought running was their only option but really, everyone makes mistakes. I am just glad that they didn't kill anyone. I hope that I slowed them down enough to maybe realize this is real and hitting people is a no no. I hope that they receive the charges that they deserve, and I hope that maybe they will get a second chance in life if they are deserving. I know first hand that good people make bad decisions when they are young, desperate, depressed, and the list goes on. I know things could have gone alot worse but they didn't and I thank God for that.

These are the only images I have of the car after the accident, they are from the insurance company that is why the qualitiy is horrible. They used tape to keep the bummper up, classy.

It looks better than it really was, the passenger inside was complely crunched in

Sunny Winter Wonderland...

It has been a million years since I have added to the blog so I thought today would be better than any to get on it. The weather is not too great today , and I am avoiding the fact that I have to clean the apartment we just moved out of. There is always later:) Well, where to begin? Life has been pretty crazy these days, looking for new cars, moving, the lame economy. BUT with that be said we have been trying to get our mind out of "Debbie downer mode," with a little fun in the sun, and well, snow. Ha ha, yes, snow. A few weekends ago a few friends and Kyle and I went snowmobiling in the mountains. It was a darn good time, its amazing after only an hour of driving we can reach beautiful snow.

My friend Erica planned a guided snowmobile tour up in the mountains. After we passed into Truckee, CA we knew it was going to be a beautiful sunny snow filled day. When we got to the snowmobile pickup station we met up with our guide, Shugg (ha ha, nice name). He went through the checklist of all the knobs and do dads on the snowmobile, and we were off. Kyle and I decided to double up on the snowmobile which made for any interesting time for my butt. Riding on the back of a snowmobile is not as fun as you would think because you are posted up higher on the snowmobile so every bump in the road you fly about a foot off the snowmobile. Lets just say that I learned to hang on real quick. I had never really road on a snowmobile so it was a fun learning experience.

As soon as we set off onto the trail we were ready for action, we didn't really know what to expect because at first he kind of just had us run around in circles so we didn't know how intense the trip was going to be. As soon as we started getting comfortable on the machine he took us on a more scenic route towards higher elevation. I started getting more excited about the trip as we started hitting the mountain. I think that our guide got a little more comfortable with us so he thought we were getting the hang of things so I think he kind of kicked it up a notch, that or he forgot that a group of people were following him, ha ha. he started weaving through trees, and flying up snow embankments and crazy stuff. I was hanging on for dear life, praying we wouldn't flip off the back when we jumped over the mountain bumps. After I started getting more comfortable the snowmobile ahead of us started going up a steep incline just trying to keep up with the guide, all of a sudden they both flipped off the snowmobile which meant we had to react quickly and divert away from the crash. We were trying to avoid them but we had no where to go besides down the steep mountain, thank goodness for our front ski caught some heavy snow to slow us down otherwise we would have been down the side of the mountain, yee yaw!

After we reached the peek of the mountain it was all worth the drama. The view was breath taking I had never seen anything like it, the pictures don't do justice to the sight that we saw.

On top of the mountain, the pictures are in reverse order

The pack of snowmobiles, you can see how warm it is because people have taken their jackets off

Some tracks leading down the mountain

Aww look at that cute couple enjoying their mountain top adventure

Flying solo in this pic, I wish you could see the background a bit better. The valley was beautiful


Nicole looking at the adventure ahead

Erica is showing off her hot snow gear, its the latest fashion

Team Beert/Ganzer

Peace, love and snow