Thursday, June 26, 2008

NASCAR fun..

This weekend we went camping before we went to the Nascar race at Infineon raceway (Sprint cup). We went with two other managers that Kyle works with and one of their wives. We set up camp about a half an hour away from the raceway. It was a great camping spot because the bugs weren't eating me alive. I heard that the bugs are driving everyone nuts in Iowa, sorry to rub it in.

We had a chance to hit up the beach, it was so beautiful. It was the first time I had seen the ocean since we moved out here. I don't think that I have ever seen waves as big as there were that day. I was a bit surprised though because it was chilly and windy. There were so many people on the beach despite the chilliness. Alot of people were flying kites because the wind was perfect. It was funny because Kyle was the only one that braved the cold water and jumped in. He about froze because the water was about 50 degrees. The cool weather made it easy for us to chill around the fire, I slept like a baby because it was prefect weather.

My first NASCAR experience was an interesting one. I am not a big fan of watching NASCAR on t.v but WOW was it different live. To start it all off the main character of Hairspray sang the national anthem. We had great seats, on I believe turn 2, and it was perfect because we were on a tiny hill so we were able to view the cars easily coming over the ben. We witnessed the majority of the wipe-outs on our turn.

After Kyle Bush won the race, and we started on our long walk to the car we bumped into the TGI Fridays guy from the food Network. Honestly I don't know how he became famous, or kinda famous because he is gross looking. I wasn't digging the spiky blonde hair.

here is where they do all the t.v. and announcing

Here is Abbi showing the camera some love

They are so cool

Part of the Nascar crew

Jr. trying to pick up the pace

I had to put this picture up, I couldn't help it. "Some" of the Nascar crowd

Listening to the Scanner, it was really kinda cool!

Wipe out!!

Wine Tasting in the Foothills..

Today Travis (Kyle's boss) decided to take us wine tasting. We hadn't seen some of the northern areas so I was really excited to see wine country. I was skeptical, that it wouldn't come close to the Italy wine I had previous but I was darn wrong. The wine was amazing. We went to five different places. All of them had their own specialties and various locally grown produce. I had the best blueberries I had ever had. I didn't even know that I like blueberries until I tried them.

We had a great time making friends with the servers. I mean it probably helps that we were drinking 14.5% proof wine or something like that. At the first place we made friends with Beverly, she was convinced that everyone could remember her name only because it reminded people of BevMo ( BevMo is beverages and more, and it is a big deal around here, I guess). She let us sample some amazing jellies that a local lady sold her.

From then on.. each place had its own fun and flair. At one point I felt like I was in a cartoon because I got horrible hick-ups. Kinda embarrassing!

note: Next time I will pick and choose the wines I will be tasting, I won't sample them all.

Motocross baby!

Today we decided to do something a bit different, we are hitting up the local motocross race. I have never been to a motocross race so I figured why not? The race was not too far way, so we figured we had nothing to lose, besides gas. ( Gas is about 4.40, yikes)

In the newspaper they said not to bring chairs because they would be a hassle to carry around. So we decided to bring a blanket. Gosh that was a horrible idea, when we got there everyone had chairs. It was interesting to say the least. It didn't feel all that swell sitting on the rocky terrain. Although, the seating wasn't A+ the action was. We were able to walk around and in some instances we were able to get really close. I am really happy with the pictures that I was able to snap when the guys were going off the ramps. I don't think that i could have gone as fast as they did around those tight turns. We saw a few wipe-outs, and some were unable to get their motorbike back up and running. Supposedly the bikes are really hard to start. They have to put the majority of their weight on the bike to get it started.

Overall it was a great time although my butt was a bit sore....

note: Even though it was hotter than heck, everyone was still wearing pants, everyone wears pants even in the hottest of times..jeez!

The Family helps move in

Here are some photos of my mom and my sis helping me move in. They were amazing, it would have taken me forever to get everything unpacked without their help. We had fun taking advantage of the pool and the spa at our apartment. I hope they had a good time, next time I won't put them to work, maybe.

note: Thanks everyone for the help!

the ladies

a little dinner

We are here!

Well, we finally made it! We are all settled in at this point, and we are loving the new place! Here is our address for anyone who would like it. Everyone loves mail, minus the bills I guess. So, don't send any bills our way..ha ha.

800 Micro Ct. #910
Roseville, CA 95678

[p] 563.343.5856

I am sure that you are interested in seeing what our apartment looks like so I took a few pictures when we first moved in. We are really lucky because our apartment is tucked away in the back of the apartment complex so it is really peaceful. We had some rowdy neighbors over the fence but they finally stopped partying everyday. Our complex has alot of flowers and greenspace so it feels a bit more tropical.

here is our balcony, with our pretty flowers

living room, with our new Ikea coffee table

kitchen, with our vaulted ceilings

Our new dining table that took forever to find!


Workout room/ office