Thursday, June 26, 2008

We are here!

Well, we finally made it! We are all settled in at this point, and we are loving the new place! Here is our address for anyone who would like it. Everyone loves mail, minus the bills I guess. So, don't send any bills our way..ha ha.

800 Micro Ct. #910
Roseville, CA 95678

[p] 563.343.5856

I am sure that you are interested in seeing what our apartment looks like so I took a few pictures when we first moved in. We are really lucky because our apartment is tucked away in the back of the apartment complex so it is really peaceful. We had some rowdy neighbors over the fence but they finally stopped partying everyday. Our complex has alot of flowers and greenspace so it feels a bit more tropical.

here is our balcony, with our pretty flowers

living room, with our new Ikea coffee table

kitchen, with our vaulted ceilings

Our new dining table that took forever to find!


Workout room/ office

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knthomas said...

Its Cute Stephanie! I couldn't really see this on Skype.