Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wine Tasting in the Foothills..

Today Travis (Kyle's boss) decided to take us wine tasting. We hadn't seen some of the northern areas so I was really excited to see wine country. I was skeptical, that it wouldn't come close to the Italy wine I had previous but I was darn wrong. The wine was amazing. We went to five different places. All of them had their own specialties and various locally grown produce. I had the best blueberries I had ever had. I didn't even know that I like blueberries until I tried them.

We had a great time making friends with the servers. I mean it probably helps that we were drinking 14.5% proof wine or something like that. At the first place we made friends with Beverly, she was convinced that everyone could remember her name only because it reminded people of BevMo ( BevMo is beverages and more, and it is a big deal around here, I guess). She let us sample some amazing jellies that a local lady sold her.

From then on.. each place had its own fun and flair. At one point I felt like I was in a cartoon because I got horrible hick-ups. Kinda embarrassing!

note: Next time I will pick and choose the wines I will be tasting, I won't sample them all.

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