Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motocross baby!

Today we decided to do something a bit different, we are hitting up the local motocross race. I have never been to a motocross race so I figured why not? The race was not too far way, so we figured we had nothing to lose, besides gas. ( Gas is about 4.40, yikes)

In the newspaper they said not to bring chairs because they would be a hassle to carry around. So we decided to bring a blanket. Gosh that was a horrible idea, when we got there everyone had chairs. It was interesting to say the least. It didn't feel all that swell sitting on the rocky terrain. Although, the seating wasn't A+ the action was. We were able to walk around and in some instances we were able to get really close. I am really happy with the pictures that I was able to snap when the guys were going off the ramps. I don't think that i could have gone as fast as they did around those tight turns. We saw a few wipe-outs, and some were unable to get their motorbike back up and running. Supposedly the bikes are really hard to start. They have to put the majority of their weight on the bike to get it started.

Overall it was a great time although my butt was a bit sore....

note: Even though it was hotter than heck, everyone was still wearing pants, everyone wears pants even in the hottest of times..jeez!

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