Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our New Place

We finally have all of our stuff into our new place, we really like it so far. We still need to do some finishing touches but we are almost done. Enjoy!

Our designer living room :)

The "man cave" basement, its actually very rare out here to have basements. Kyle and I are convinced it is haunted because nosey Arnie will not set foot down there.

The side yard, we love the grown up foliage, and the nieghbors palm trees.

We don't really know what this room is for, its used as the laundry room now.

Another view of the living room

And again, we love that it has so much natural light.

The misc. room (extra bedroom, office, sewing/craft room)

The hallway, you can see all our doors, we counted, we have 15doors.

Humm, what is this?


Kitchen, got to love the old school feel

Dining Room


The otherside of the yard

Garage, and side yard

The front yard

There is the rental, oh and the house

We love this tree/bush because it just started blooming, and the flowers are so neat!

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