Thursday, September 11, 2008

Plate to Plate..on the Bay

Plate to Plate was an adventure, Kyle heard from a guy at work that they were having a walk for Medical research, and we wanted to jump on board.  We were on Marks team, so we had to report to a team captain but all together the race was pretty laid back.  The race took place on the bay near the wharf.  We started across the bridge then traveled down the wharf and the goal was to finish up crossing over home plate at AT&T Park, the home of the Giants.  It was pretty fun, Kyle barely finished but he did it...ha ha j/k. It was a good time. After the walk we did a tailgate in the parking garage, and then headed off to A Giants vs. Padres game. What a rewarding day, in more ways than one. Oh and it was a really hot day too. 

The park from the top, you could see the boats on the water

Finishing up the race a really quick snapshot

Starting to get warm..

I am thirsty, wants some Coke>

Before the race, what an early morning

me racing, ha ha

People looking at themselves on the screen

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