Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day with San, San Fran..

Let me just start with, I love San Fran. I would love to live there for like 2 months and just explore but I guess some weekend visits will work, just the same. Kyle and I had a chance to get involved with a 3K run/ walk for medical research. So we decided to make a weekend of it. Since this was Kyle's idea he decided to plan a really great weekend for us. He has just become the little planner of late, I definitely don't mind. On Saturday after we took care checking into our hotel, Hotel Whitcomb we walked down Market Street.  Our hotel was old school, definitely San Fran style.

I think that San Fran is so beautiful because it has so many wonderfully diverse people. I love people watching, and checking out the unique styles of everyone that passes.  We had a chance to walk around in a little dog park.  Its funny walking  through a big city park. One little patch of green and they call it a park, but the majority of the park was cement. Poor city dogs..ha ha. After wandering the city we decided to eat at the Hotel.  It was a completely different atmosphere at night, they had beautiful chandeliers and a large banquet fireplace. We both had the clam chowder and it was delicious! 

After dining we walked to a local piano bar.  It was my first time at a bar like that, Kyle had been there before and he absolutely loved it so it looked one up for us.  It was a a few blocks away, in a basement below a irish bar. It was a riot! Three musicians battled it out, and played some duets.  They played some oldies and some new stuff but the guys were so funny, they were very talented. The bar was packed, and rightly so!


Kyle liked this one

Hotel Whitcomb interior

Hotel Whitcomb entrance

At the piano bar

Some fun on Market Street

Some Street art

I love these houses, you have to have a compact car to fit in those garages

The park, cement park

Cool wall art, and Kyle too

Bored in the car ride, gotta love city traffic

Here is the front of the Hotel, very sweet

Market Street

What a stud

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Carla said...

Great picture of you two at the piano bar!