Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steve Miller Band Concert.. Murphy town

The same weekend of our camping trip we decided to schedule in a little live music. Kyle and I had been craving some live music the whole summer and we just couldn't find a concert that would work, or that was cheap enough..ha ha. So when we found out that this band would be two hours away in the little town of Murphy, at a vineyard we said, "Heck, yes." 

Before we hit up the concert we toured the old historical center of Murphy. We decided to eat at an old Victorian hotel. We didn't realize that the restaurant required reservations a good week in advance so when the lady said there was a cancelation we were in total luck.  It was a cute, quaint little town. There was alot of old architecture, and some swanky restaurants.  Kyle and I figured the parents would love this, and not to mention they had lots of cute wine tasting areas.

As for the concert you could not bring in cameras so here are some pictures before we actually got in. It was a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. The entertainment was phenomenal.  The Steve Miller band sound amazing for being in their sixties. It reminded me of my childhood, cruising in the car and singing loudly to my dad's favorites, and me not really knowing the words but pretending I do...ha ha. good stuff.  At the concert we had more than just the band for entertainment, there were plenty of hippies. There was one chick with her hair to her butt, a flowy flowery dress and she was getting down, thank god there weren't any children around, she was a bit provocative. I wish I had as much confidence as she had. 

Me in front of one of the many historical looking buildings, in Murphy.

Kyle wanting a pic too.

The entrance to the vineyard

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