Thursday, September 11, 2008

Camping with Friends...

Well, Now that I have taken a vacation from blogging I thought I would get back on track and fill everyone in.  Kyle and I have been busy, busy, busy the last three weeks. The following pictures are of our camping trip at Lake Tahoe National Forest.  It was a fun one we, we had the company of some of Kyle's friends from work. Daniel, Abbi, and Abbi's sister, and her friends.  We had a few animals in the pack too. Daniel and Abbi just had gotten a new puppy a few weeks before the trip (Gretchen) She was the cutest little thing. she had the heart of a big dog although the other puppies towered over her.  I think this little pup got me even more in the mood for wanting a puppy of my own, okay I won't lie, it totally did. Ha HA. 

Anyway, although we were plopped in a beautiful location our actual site looked a bit like a dirt parking lot.  We couldn't complain though because we were a skip away from the water. We spent the day laying out in near the water, and watching people going crazy on their jet skis. I think a few times they came a bit too close to the shoreline, but I guess when it comes to the water people don't think rules or safety applies. (Sorry, a huge pet peeve of mine is when people act like complete jerks in the water- there have been alot of water related injuries out here. A 4 yr. old boy was killed the other weekend because a drunk guy in a boat when too crazy near the shoreline, and clipped him- so sad.)

After we hung out by the water we took a trip to an old abandoned lumber mill town. They had a path with some historical info and pictures. They still had a grave yard and left over machinery laying around.  It was kind of fun exploring the area. I think the dogs had the most fun though, they couldn't stop sniffing around.  They wanted some treasure, that or food, who knows.

Oh a funny note, when we set up our campsite we set it back behind some trees so that it  would be out of the direst light, so  it kind of looked as if our actual plot was empty. So with that being said late that night after everyone at our camp had hit the tents truck pulled up with some kids and placed a make shift tent in the spot, with an old mattress, and cranked their music. I couldn't believe it, they were bold enough to camp on our spot, and blast music. The next morning they saw us coming out of our tents, and they hauled butt and left. Got to love rude free loaders.  

All in all it was a nice relaxing time, but come Sunday we were a bit rushed because we had a two hour drive to the Steve Miller band concert...

being a good scout and setting up the fort.

the campers, in the tailgate section, ha ha.

dog 1 of 3

Tahoe baby, you know you want to visit!!!

the baby Gretchen, she was the sweetest dog

driving the the lake

Abbi, Abbi's sister (Erica), Gretchen, and the infamous jello shots

A fun little close up, at the campsite

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Tina Ganzer said...

Hey, sounds like you are having a great time! Can't wait to see Arnie at Christmas. You have so many beautiful pictures...keep them coming!! Love ya, MOM