Wednesday, July 9, 2008


For all of you who are viewing this blog I would love to hear your comments, or even a simple hello. I have made it easier for everyone to post comments. You no longer have to register. All you have to do to make a post is:
  1. scroll to the bottom of the post that you would like to comment on
  2. click on comments
  3. type your comment in the leave a comment box
  4. select the name/url at the bottom
  5. type your name
  6. and submit your comment
Thanks and I hope to hear from you!


Stephanie said...

Its that easy!

Carla said...

Hi Kyle and Stephie Lu,
Great to see all that you are up to. Sounds like you are on vacation all the time. Kyle, are you really working? Ha! Since everything is new to you , I bet it is a great adventure for you two young kids. Certainly nothing like that to report from here in Durant. Going out to Del's for Eldridge Days tonight. I haven't been there for years. There is a band there that Todd told Brent about, so it should be fun, except Brent has to work tomorrow(not too much fun). Have a great weekend and keep us posted. Love hearing from you. Give each other a hug from ME! Love, Aunt C