Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kyle's First Post and Wisdom

So, you probably wondering when Mr. Ganzer was going to be kind enough to create a post. Well, the time is now. We have had a great time getting settled here in Roseville, with our apartment and of course the start our working life. Work is always special when you get to do what you have always wanted to do. I think we are really lucky to find firms that would give a couple of midwesterners a chance. Times have been tough in the home building market, and it has affected my work directly. After some reorganization, I have been named the Environmental Engineer to go along with being a production manager. I'm excited to learn new things and hope even more work finds me. But, you probably don't want to here about work, so lets talk about more important things.

As you may know, Arnie, our puppy will be joining the family at end of October. We are way excited to meet the little fella. We have already started to spoil him, so hopefully we will stop when he arrives, um I think not. But really we have been super busy. Our adventures have taken us to beautiful places where have made some memories and learned alot about eachother. You would think by now, being hip to hip we would know everything about our selves and eachother. It has been good. Weekend fun is endless. A great escape, when work can get too busy. 

Looks like the Cards aren't going to make the playoffs, and our Cyclones can't be seen on tv. So who do we root for on Sunday, thats right Dale Jr. Anybody who has checked out the blog knows we have gone to a race, and we are hooked, well I'm for sure hooked. Besides the races we do some bike riding on the weekends. In June we bought new bicycles from REI, and we enjoy tearing up the Roseville streets. In addition to our riding adventures, we play Arena Softball on Sunday afternoons. Check out the blog about it, I'm sure Stephanie will fill you in on some of the rules and how it is played.

Hope everyone is well and in good health. We would love to hear from you via blogging, email or a short phone call. We are getting excited to be back with friends and family over the Holidays later this year. Talk to you soon.


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Carla said...

Great job with your first post, Kyle!!! Sounds like the two of you are still on vacation with all the fun and adventures you have. Are you really working?