Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laborless Day Weekend.

So this weekend, alot happened so I think that I am just going to write some captions for the pictures. In this case the pictures just really speak for themselves, so absorb it.

Some beautiful rock on the coast, Gotta love the Iowa State outfit.

More beautiful rocks on the coast, and Kyle is showing off.

A sweet picture as we chill on the coast

Here is our campsite in the heart of the redwoods, we love camping

The lovely bear box where we had to put our stuff in every night

The beach where we had our cook out, we had a great time just chilling out

peace, love, and the beach

The waves crashing on the rocks, the sounds were so loud, some of the waves were the biggest I have ever seen

A model pic, I love this one, all natural

This one is maybe a bit more natural, he likes talking to oysters but they never talk back

A beautiful dead tree

I thought the texture was so interesting

Holy cow that is a tree

yep that is a tree

A fun grilling picture, we enjoyed some burgers by the water

A minute after this picture, I got completely drenched by a wave, real smooth

These elk were so pretty, but for some reason all the signs saying "Do not approach elk on foot" did not to apply to certain people because parents were letting their young kids walk about 5 yrds away from them. At one point a truck thought it would be funny to approach them really close and rev their engine. After that a big stud elk came charging after the car as  people  a few yards away stood laughing. People don't understand that animals can be more of a danger than they realize. People can be so DUMB, and don't realize they could be endangering the lives of animals themselves. 

I thought this was a really neat picture, when I was taking it I didn't realize that there was people standing in front of it. With the child and the father standing in front of it you can better understand the scale of the trees.  They were gentle giants. I got a crick in my neck from starring at them.

loving the tree

A turtle pic

Turtle pic #2, oh and my new hiking sandals

On the Sun Dial bridge, in Redding

The beautiful architecture, of the Sun Dial Bridge

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Carla said...

I think I would want to sleep in a bear box. I guess I'm not much for adventure. A stuffed teddy bear is the only kind I would want to have sleeping close to me.