Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arnie is Home!

We finally got our new puppy Arnie, as of today he is 12 weeks old. I can't belive we have had him for that long already. He has been a great addition to our apt. He has so much energy, I wish that I could bottle it and have some myself. Everything has gone well since we have had him but he just got over taking meds for having Giardia, a virus that dogs are really suseptible to when they are puppies. We hope that he will be over it by the time that we go home for Christmas but he seems to be doing okay. When he went to the vest 2 weeks ago he weighed a hefty 1.2 pounds, ha ha. I think that he has gained more weight since then, so we will see. I am looking forward to bringing him home for Christmas, he is a riot. BUt you better hide your toes because he just might nibble them off. Ha ha.

Here is a little Halloween Fun


I know I am cute!

Chilling out, taking a nap



Anonymous said...

your dog is sooo adorable!!!

Carla said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That is what my little friends said about your baby. I can't wait to meet him. The only problem will be that I will want one. He would fit nicely in the pocket of my hooded sweatshirt.