Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Red Tree Frog

This is a bit out of order but I wanted to post the pictures from it. One weekend, a few weeks ago we went jet skiing with Kyle's boss and on our way back we decided to stop at this local pub. It was selling $2.98 Spaghetti meals and Mango Margaritas. I know, I was thinking the same thing, Spaghetti and Margaritas?! Weird. It was totally worth it. We barely got a seat because the weekend crowd was taking over the bar. The back of the bar was basically a covered deck. The deck had a great view of the foothills along with some mountains in the background. As we were sitting there eating our meal a train went around one of the hills and a older local man sat and sang with his guitar. I felt like I was in a western of some sort.

Although the atmosphere was great I felt like a loner because as we were sitting at the bar, Alex and Kyle had a drink bought for them by this old lady across the bar ( A cougar as they call it). I guess she was just into the guys..ha ha, that was okay by me. Here are a few pics from the place, even though it was awhile ago.

We are excited, I guess, weirdo.

Very resourceful, at the Red Tree Frog

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Jenna said...

I saw the words Red Tree Frog and was hoping it would be a different version of the Green Tree Frog. Not quite, but I don't know if there's another drink that could replicate the activities of that night. On second thought...maybe Long Islands from Beaudelaire!!! Love You