Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home decor

Here are a few new additions, thought I would share with the world. Kyle and I have been trying to make the deck more of an extention of the apt. We wanted it to feel like another room. I am amazed at the flowers. A few of them basically died and I had to cut them down. Now they are crazy blooming. What can I say, I have a green thumb. Maybe the trick was watering them..ha oops. We are proud of our arrangements, there will be more to come.

We also bought a family of ducks, weird, I know but fun. Enjoy.

new patio set

The new hanging pot

The miracle flowers

The new antique trove pots that we found...

we go indoors

blurry but you get the point

The whole shabang

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Carla said...

Looks like home.